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Goally is the perfect tool for helping my son prepare for independent living

The COVID pandemic has been a nightmare. While it does appear to be moving in the right direction, at least for now, it’s still keeping me apart from the people I love. That part is really challenging but someday soon, we’ll find ourselves on the other end of this. It hasn’t been all bad though. …

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Helping my #autistic son manage his own routine and schedule

One of the things I really need to invest more time into is helping Gavin manage his routine. He does pretty good with major things like brushing his teeth or taking his meds. That’s a awesome because those are both very important things. The stuff he really struggles with is everything in between. He so …

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They finally went back to school

Thank God there’s school today. I love my kids, I truly do but there schedule has been so messed up since before Christmas break, they need to go back. I need them to go back. There were closing around us but we weren’t one of them. We got the kids off to school, and both …

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How I’m setting a summer routine for my kids with #Autism 

I have a few reasonable goals for what amounts to our first day of summer vacation. The biggest being a change in routine for the boys, and routine changes are never easy for kids with Autism.  Lizze heads back to class in the morning, and the boys and I will be on our own.  One …

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I’m working towards making simple but needed changes to my #Autism family’s routine

There comes a point where we have to make changes to our lives in order to survive and this is one of those times.