Goally is the perfect tool for helping my son prepare for independent living

The COVID pandemic has been a nightmare. While it does appear to be moving in the right direction, at least for now, it's still keeping me apart from the people I love. That part is really challenging but someday soon, we'll find ourselves on the other end of this. It hasn't been all bad though. Thankfully, everyone in my orbit is safe and healthy. COVID went through my family as well but thankfully, everyone is okay. I've met some new people who have enriched my life and that's super awesome. One of the best things to come out of this nightmare, is that Gavin has discovered a new level of independence. I've touched on this before but as Gavin has been fully vaccinated, and I'm halfway there, we've begun talking…


Helping my #autistic son manage his own routine and schedule

One of the things I really need to invest more time into is helping Gavin manage his routine. He does pretty good with major things like brushing his teeth or taking his meds. That's a awesome because those are both very important things. The stuff he really struggles with is everything in between. He so easily loses track or time or gets lost in what he's doing. He's been telling me lately that his imagination takes over. Gavin needs frequent reminders in order to stay on task and not drift too far off course. I mentioned before that I'm using visual prompts and check lists to help him remember but I'm always looking for better ways to help him navigate life. Sure, it's fun laminating things but there's no point…


They finally went back to school

Thank God there's school today. I love my kids, I truly do but there schedule has been so messed up since before Christmas break, they need to go back. I need them to go back. There were closing around us but we weren't one of them. We got the kids off to school, and both Gavin's and Lizze's blood work done. All I need to do today is call the pharmacy and remind them to call for his lab results so they can deliver his Clozapine in the morning. Gavin's good until Wednesday night. So far so good. The day could definitely be worse but I'm grateful it's not.. ☺


How I’m setting a summer routine for my kids with #Autism 

I have a few reasonable goals for what amounts to our first day of summer vacation. The biggest being a change in routine for the boys, and routine changes are never easy for kids with Autism.  Lizze heads back to class in the morning, and the boys and I will be on our own.  One of the things I want to do this summer is make some serious progress on the house, both inside and out.  I'm completely overwhelmed by the house, and rather than look at it as a whole, I think it will be best to take it one room at a time. The boys and I will work on one room each day, and do so for maybe thirty minutes.  Before we get to any of that…