An example of how locked into routine kids on the #Autism Spectrum can be

I went to pick the boys up from school yesterday. Actually, Lizze and I both went to pick the boys up from school yesterday.  We got there a little bit before 3pm, which is dismissal. 

As my long time readers may recall, I typically get to the school about an hour early, park in the shade and write.  

This …

Those days when the bedtime routine is struggling a little bit

Emmett’s new bedtime routine is struggling a bit and it goes like this. He takes his bedtime meds and brushes his teeth. We tuck him and Elliott both in and they play their tablets or listen to music for a bit.

At some point between the time we leave his room and we go to bed ourselves, he makes his way …

Holding My Breath: Getting ready for a significant change in Emmett’s routine

This week should be relatively blah kinda week.  We’re coming down to the end of the school year, much faster than I’m prepared for.  Along with the end of the school year, comes changes in routine and there’s no way around it.

This will be the last week of normal routine before everything changes. 

Beginning next week, Emmett and Gavin will go …

Nothing quite like ending the day like this

While I’m nursing a headache, the boys have been doing pretty well tonight.  As the day begins to wind down, the two youngest have settled into some collaborative Minecraft. 

They’re getting along so I’m going to let them go for a little bit but Elliott still owes me 9 minutes of homework.  That will start at 6pm and once …