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How I’m setting a summer routine for my kids with #Autism 

I have a few reasonable goals for what amounts to our first day of summer vacation. The biggest being a change in routine for the boys, and routine changes are never easy for kids with Autism.  Lizze heads back to class in the morning, and the boys and I will… Read more »

An example of how locked into routine kids on the #Autism Spectrum can be

I went to pick the boys up from school yesterday. Actually, Lizze and I both went to pick the boys up from school yesterday.  We got there a little bit before 3pm, which is dismissal.  As my long time readers may recall, I typically get to the school about an… Read more »

Those days when the bedtime routine is struggling a little bit

Do you ever have those days where it feels your kids routine sorta goes to Hell? I’m having quite a few of those days lately…. Here’s what’s going on.

Nothing quite like ending the day like this

I’m working to find a balance when it comes to winding down at the end of the day.. Here’s how were doing it tonight…