How I’m setting a summer routine for my kids with #Autism 

I have a few reasonable goals for what amounts to our first day of summer vacation. The biggest being a change in routine for the boys, and routine changes are never easy for kids with Autism. 

Lizze heads back to class in the morning, and the boys and I will be on our own. 

One of the things I want to do this summer is make some serious progress on the house, both inside and out. 

I’m completely overwhelmed by the house, and rather than look at it as a whole, I think it will be best to take it one room at a time. The boys and I will work on one room each day, and do so for maybe thirty minutes. 

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Before we get to any of that though, first things first. 

Lizze leaves by 7 AM and I plan to take the boys to the park. The goal is to do at least one lap around the track, before returning home. I don’t care if they Pokémon hunt while we’re walking, because we will still be exercising. 

I want to try and start as many days during the week this way as possible. The boys can very easily get sucked into their tablets, and I really want to discourage that this summer. 

I don’t care about them playing Pokémon Go while we walk, because they’re walking, and that’s what matters. 

Perhaps as time goes on, I can get them more interested in exploring than playing Pokémon Go, but for now it’s a means to an end.  

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It’s not always easy to get kids on the Autism Spectrum to adjust their routines. In fact, it’s probably one of the most common challenges faced by Autism parents. That’s why I want to get on this right away. 

The boys will be adjusting to a new routine anyway, because schools out for the summer. By jumping on this right out of the gate, we can make the transition one time, and avoid any unnecessary headaches. 

How do you help your kids adjust to a new routine after school lets out?


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