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Why this Dad is sleeping on the couch tonight

Let me tell you about my favorite way to start the new week. By favorite I mean the absolutely worst way to begin the week cause it sets a tone that seems to follow me through the rest of it.  Picture this, the boys are in bed, and I just hit the Walgreens to pick …

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Why #Autism Parents sleep when they can

I slept for a couple of hours after dropping the boys off at school and feel so much better now. There were a million things I needed to get done this morning, but none of that was going to happen without at least some sleep. This morning’s nap puts me at a total of only …

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Can you relate to this? 

Good morning all. I’m writing this thoroughly exhausted. Elliott was unable to fall asleep last night. He tried for almost five hours and just couldn’t sleep. By the time he talked to us he was really frustrated. We ended up camping out in the living room. It still took him another hour to fall asleep …

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It’s been nonstop

For starters, I slept terribly last night but felt better this morning anyway. I was able to get a two hour nap this morning and feel even better after that.  The bulk of my day has been spent running errands.   I had to run to the bank, take Elliott to the store to exchange …

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