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Update: It’s been 234 days of #COVID lockdown so far

Life is getting a bit more challenging. For those who don’t know, COVID is significantly worsening in Ohio. As of writing, we’re a stone’s throw away from 3,000 cases a day. There’s a nursing home about a mile or so from my house with over 80 confirmed cases. It’s really getting scary. My cars still …

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Look what we found

So the boys and I were able to get out for a little bit last night. We went for a walk at a remote location about 20 minutes from home. We did see other people but were able to avoid them. The boys needed the time and while we were out, we found a few …

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There’s Good News and Bad News

I feel like we had a fantastic day, at least as far as living through a global pandemic and being locked down are concerned. I was relatively productive today and I’m proud of myself for that. The boys weren’t too anxious today and Gavin was back to feeling like Gavin again after a very rough …

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After 39 days on lockdown, I took my kids out for a bit

We’ve been in the house for 39 days now. With the exception of going out into the yard, we’ve not gone anywhere. We’re staying home to protect Gavin, ourselves and all of you. I was able to convince everyone to leave the house for a little while today. We took the car through the car …

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