After 39 days on lockdown, I took my kids out for a bit

We’ve been in the house for 39 days now. With the exception of going out into the yard, we’ve not gone anywhere. We’re staying home to protect Gavin, ourselves and all of you.

I was able to convince everyone to leave the house for a little while today. We took the car through the car wash and went for a short drive.

We didn’t get out of the car and we wore our masks. We were safe and careful but also astonished by the insane amount of people not social distancing. There were people playing basketball, pickle ball and groups of kids riding their bikes and people watching the track in groups.

Not one time did we see anyone wearing a mask and that’s scary. People were well inside of six feet and carrying on as if nothing was wrong.

I try very hard not to judge but this pisses me off because they’re endangering the lives of everyone and that’s unbelievably selfish.

Anyway, it was still nice to get out for a bit. We didn’t leave the car but we did enjoy the change of scenery and I’ll try to make this a more regular thing.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

To Candylane-I totally agree with dotash’s comments. Perhaps the stresses of what we all are going through are overwhelming you and you are unfortunately striking out in anger, fear and frustration at the nearest target you could find. Your comments and anger were inappropriate, mean spirited and totally uncalled for. I don’t know your situation but if you are also involved in this world of autism, you above other people should understand Rob’s need to protect his children. Please attempt to curtail your inner turmoil about something that was thrust upon us and is not our fault. All any of us can do is to do what needs to be done to protect ourselves, our family members and our fellow citizens. Unfortunately, there are those, who for whatever inane reason, choose to disregard social distancing and covering themselves and putting themselves and others in danger from this horrible virus. Foolish disregard of logic can never be rationalized, especially when it could lead to untold numbers of death. I believe Candylane you are reacting totally out of fear and inner anger. Please take care of yourself and be safe and please open your mind and understand what Rob has to deal with. He’s doing the best he can to protect himself and his children. The markings of a good father.


Who said anything about medical masks and OH GOD YES WE KNOW GAVIN IS IMMUNOCOMPROMISED. Just like we know everyone is autistic and special needs. It is your identity and you relish the attention that you fee because of it. You are about 3 weeks away from pouring bleach into their food. Get some freaking help.

You know what else is selfish? Having 4 masks and not needing them because you’re not out in public. I bet a grocery store employee or delivery driver would love to have the items that you are selfishly hoarding. And don’t try to say you need them, YOU WERE IN YOUR OWN CAR FFS. Goddamnit you and your self righteous attitude piss me off.


Hey candylane, that seems totally inappropriate. I think you need to explain more about your own situation and why a family (reasonably) wearing masks would enrage you. What kind of trouble are you in?