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Raising Raymie: Nikki White’s Autism Parenting Journey (S6E21)

Nikki White from Instagram’s Raising Raymie is here to share her autism parenting story

Helping kids learn to manage their big emotions with Mightier

Hey parents, some days don’t you just feel like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster? Trust me, I’ve been there. Navigating the stormy seas of big emotions with your autistic child can feel overwhelming. It’s hard seeing your child struggle, and sometimes you might feel lost and alone. But I promise – you’re not alone. …

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It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress

I’m really excited about today. We’re all going over to my brother’s house for the 4th and it’s gonna be awesome. There will be some new people there and it’s gonna be awesome. The boys are currently helping my parents on a project in the backyard while I’m getting caught up on some work. I’ve …

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Balancing Autism Parenting: Humor and Raw Emotion with Tara Reynolds and Lauren Flack (S6E20)

On this week’s episode: Tara and Lauren are back by popular demand and we’re taking on topics that you sent in. Today we’re talking about finding balance when you have neurotypical and neurodivergent kids. It’s an incredibly emotional conversation filled with lots of tears and laughter. This hit very close to home for all three of us and I hope listening to us share our experiences reminds you that you’re not alone

A long overdue update all about how I’m doing

How have I been doing? I know I promised this a little while ago and I’m sorry it’s taken so long but I’ve finally finished writing an update all about how life is going for me. To read the updates, click the link or visit my blog. 😊♥️

Calm in the Chaos: Mikey Goldman’s ADHD Journey to a Quiet Mind (S6E18)

What it’s like living with ADHD and how it lead Mikey Goldman to invent the weighted pillow

Gavin hit a major milestone

We’ve hit a major milestone in Gavin’s transition into his adult life. It’s been a journey that has taken us down countless winding roads and back again but he has found his path for now. For those who are new here, Gavin is my 23 year old, autistic son. He’s had a very rough life …

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Some major updates about my kids

It’s been a little while since I’m written here. There have been a great many changes in my life and all of them very positive. I’m obviously still experiencing some writing burnout and I just don’t always have the bandwidth to put my thoughts into words like I used to. That said, I’m really trying …

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