Recommitting to self-care

If you’ve listened to the podcast or even my Facebook Lives, you’ve probably heard me talk about hitting a wall last year. I don’t share this for sympathy or anything like that. I talk about it because I desperately want you to never experience what I went through. Last year and part of this year, I experienced the worst period of burnout I’ve ever experienced. It lasted about six months and took me to a very, very dark place. I don’t want to delve into that darkness right now but it was bad enough that I never want to experience it again and it took a tremendous amount of energy to keep a smile on my face so no one knew I was struggling. I was able to mask what…

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Helping kids learn to manage their big emotions with Mightier

Hey parents, some days don't you just feel like you're riding an emotional roller coaster? Trust me, I've been there. Navigating the stormy seas of big emotions with your autistic child can feel overwhelming. It's hard seeing your child struggle, and sometimes you might feel lost and alone. But I promise – you're not alone. You're doing an amazing job, and there's help out there. Have you heard of Mightier? I’ve been talking about it for years. This game-changing tool entered my life when I needed it the most. Developed by the brains at Harvard Medical and Boston Children's Hospital, Mightier is not just a collection of super fun video games. It's a lifeline, a guide to teach our kiddos how to better regulate their emotions. I know it might…


It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress

I’m really excited about today. We’re all going over to my brother’s house for the 4th and it’s gonna be awesome. There will be some new people there and it’s gonna be awesome. The boys are currently helping my parents on a project in the backyard while I’m getting caught up on some work. I’ve got quite a few writing gigs to finish and publish, so I’m spending the day getting that stuff done. Gavin has started his first job and it’s going incredibly well so far. Elliott is back at work during the week and so it’s just Emmett and me during the day. I’m trying to finish up my office to recording studio conversion and I’m hoping to paint next week. The drywall repairs were quite extensive and…


Balancing Autism Parenting: Humor and Raw Emotion with Tara Reynolds and Lauren Flack (S6E20)

On this week’s episode: Tara and Lauren are back by popular demand and we’re taking on topics that you sent in. Today we’re talking about finding balance when you have neurotypical and neurodivergent kids. It’s an incredibly emotional conversation filled with lots of tears and laughter. This hit very close to home for all three of us and I hope listening to us share our experiences reminds you that you’re not alone