Clozapine was delayed Monday... -

Clozapine was delayed Monday…

We were due to begin the Clozapine yesterday but ran into a snag. For some reason the we had not been added to the “registry” (yes…there is actually a registry for Clozapine).  properly. Gavin did get his first of many blood drawls done yesterday. I told him that it was ok to be scared or afraid. It was ok to be nervous. However, it was not ok to hit, kick or scream at the lab techs. I explained that if he could be VERY brave and do his best to keep control over his body I would take him for ice cream when we were done.

Gavin was nervous and started to panic in the moments leading up to the actual blood drawl but did not require much assistance to hold him down. When they stuck him with the needle he said “ouch” kinda loud but that was it. He did AMAZINGLY well. I’m very proud of him and he’s quiet pleased with himself. Hopefully we can do this going forward. The bad news came when we couldn’t get the meds last night. However, the good news is that the blood work from yesterday will still be ok for today so we don’t have to do it again. The prescription should get released to us sometime this afternoon. So we will probably start it tonight.


-lost and tired

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Any chance you can get a tech to come to the house for blood draws? Living in the medically fragile world, I have seen us get stuff that isn't offered to non med frag'. We have a special place for medical insults (off weekly blood takes now, but still have one kid on growth hormone and the other on humira both home injections.)

Not that I have a stellar system to handle medical insults, but I do have a post shot thang of rewards (geocaching, 5 shots gets a toy are the fav's at 8 now).

We do blood takes in the lab again and ear plugs and a team are still a must. I do feel for the other kids waiting in the lab that hear him, but thankfully he flips back by the time we have to walk back out and now he tells them (still red and wet in the face) that it not that bad.

Stickers are trading cards and pencils trading sticks and he comes out loaded from the tech's (who are more post traumatic than he is most of the time.)

ps…if a tech misses, that tech doesn't do the second try and only 2 tries a day. IV's….don't get me started…3 tries and you are out and my kid is out for the next ones (crunchy veins.)


Here i thought i was the only person who had to have a nurse team of 15 to hold down my son for shots or bloood draw. I so can relate with buddy.

Lost and Tired

That has happened to us SO many times. When we have to plan things like shots, we plan nothing else the rest of the day. It's completely exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Thanks for sharing….


<3 YAY G!! so proud he did well during the draw (sucks it was delayed- but yay for no repeat!) here's hoping it continues!!

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