I fricking HATE time change and what it does to my kids with #Autism 

I fricking HATE time change and what it does to my kids with #Autism 

Twice a year I climb up on my soap box and rant to the world about how much I hate time change. I hate it for several reasons but mostly because of how it throws my kids with Autism into chaos.

Most people hate the time change but adjust to it in a day or so. My kids however, are a totally different story.

My kids will take weeks to adjust and it will be hell on all of us until they do. Bedtimes are going to be a nightmare as is anything that’s scheduled at a certain time, like meals, appointments and even going to school.

The problem is that they recognize the time change cognitively but their bodies/biological clock’s don’t. This leaves them in conflict and makes for a more difficult life than usual.

Please share your time change stories. Do your kids with #Autism struggle with it as well? What problems do you see? Leave your comments below. .


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