Autistic Works of Art: Sonic Generations

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So Gavin brought something home that he had been working on at school. I didn’t realize just how big this was, until I saw him unfold this thing. 

Gavin has a been in a very long term relationship with all things Sonic the Hedgehog for as long as I can remember.

He created this work of art to decorate his bedroom door.

He was anxious for pictures to be taken and displayed on my blog.  Please feel free to leave your positive feedback in the comments below.  He loves to read what you folks think of his creations.  🙂


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  • MDPartner says:

    @Kiboomu @reality_autism
    I say "Think outside the box!"

    Art changes the world, changes perspective, changes the world.

  • dotdash says:

    That is great!  I love the spikes on the green figure.  Nice job!

  • NicolaT1965 says:

    super fantastic picture and fabulous smile good job Gavin, you truly have a talent for art :o)))

  • disillusioned says:

    I bet your Mom and Dad are proud.  You should be really proud of your self for sticking with it to make such a big poster.  I know kids your age that wouldn't be able to do that.  I have a son that likes to make small pictures, but he never thinks they are good enough even when I think they are amazing like yours.  I hope you make more artwork for you Dad to put on the blog.

  • DLaubacher says:

    Very cool!!!  we love Sonic here too 🙂

  • kat13 says:

    And it is a great smile on his face! 

  • kat13 says:

    That is great poster!! Definitely will make his door look super awesome!

  • Chloe123 says:

    Way to go Gavin! I love your pictures!