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The one milestone I had hoped to never reach

Gavin is officially maxed out on Clozapine. This is one milestone I had hoped to never reach. I’m greatly concerned about this because we have nowhere left to go, as every other antipsychotic medication has failed to work.  It would have been extremely naive of me to think that this wouldn’t someday come to pass.  …

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Are you concerned about your child with #Autism wandering? Please answer a few questions

As you know or at least will know, I’m working a really big project. For my part of this, I’m heavily involved in the side of this that will be introduced to the Autism Community. The project has to do with an amazing GPS tracker that I believe will save many lives. As a parent …

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Has your child with Autism ever wandered off? (Poll)

This is a very simple question and will literally only take a second. Please answer using the survey included within this post. Thank you very much for your time… [socialpoll id=”11853″]

Introducing #GPS Personal Solutions: Helping to Keep Kids with #Autism Safe

Introducing GPS Personal Solutions   My Secret Autism Project Revealed   I have been eluding to a special project that I have been working on. We are getting closer and closer to the finish line and I have a preview video of what part of this project will do and how it will work. I …

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Guess what kinda night I had

Emmett woke up about 11:30pm last night and wouldn’t go back to bed, at least in his room.  He and I ended up sleeping in the living room.  Emmett was upset about something  UT didn’t want to talk about it.  I’m thinking bad dream. Anyway, he had to physically sleep on me last night and …

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Summer Travel Tips for Parents of Kids With #Autism

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