The first day of the first week of summer break is going to be extremely challenging 

Today is going to be a really busy day.  It’s the first day of the first full week of summer break and I’m going to be running around like a madman… 

There’s so much shit to do and I’m unsure of how it will all get accomplished. 

Lizze has class for most of the day and the two youngest are doing a summer enrichment day at their in the morning.   needs his and I have countless things to catch up on. 

I have to fix our shower and get ahold of Emmett’s doctor to get a new script so he can get his meds refilled.  

Speaking of medications, we are finally switching pharmacies because we just keep having too many problems with . While this process is a pain in the ass, especially with Gavin’s , the do free delivery and that’s pretty freaking awesome.  

There’s more going on than that but I just can’t remember everything else at the moment… Regardless, it’s going to be a hectic day and I’m hoping that it’s a relatively smooth one.. ☺ 

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