Even though it’s hugely positive, it’s still stressful and even overwhelming 

It’s been a trying day for me personally. I was reunited with some of Lizze’s family, I hadn’t seen in almost 2 years.  It was awkward and a bit uncomfortable at first but it’s really positive.  I got a big hug and all was right with the world once again.  ☺

Everything with Lizze and I is really awesome. Everything with Lizze and Gavin is awesome.  Everything with Lizze and the boys is awesome as well.  It’s all positive.  

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There’s still some family things we have to work through but given time, everything will be okay.  

Even though this is overwhelmingly positive, it’s still stressful for a number of reasons. Add that stress to the already stressful behavior of the kids and life can be overwhelming.  

Anyway, today was a day of reunions.  It was a day of meltdowns and routine changes.  It was also a day that ended with all of us being together, under the same roof and that’s something so amazing that it can’t really be quantified.. ☺ 

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