Those days when the bedtime routine is struggling a little bit

Emmett’s new bedtime routine is struggling a bit and it goes like this. He takes his bedtime meds and brushes his teeth. We tuck him and Elliott both in and they play their tablets or listen to music for a bit.

At some point between the time we leave his room and we go to bed ourselves, he makes his way into our bed and buries himself in our blankets and pillows.  When we find him, he’s peacefully sleeping with his tablet plugged in to charge and playing the same song on repeat, much louder than it should be playing at that hour or any hour for that matter. 

Either Lizze or I will nudge him awake and escorts him back to his bed. 

From that point, he’ll usually sleep through the night but get up insanely early. The issue now is that he can’t seem to fall asleep in his own bed.  He says that he’s more comfortable falling asleep in ours because he won’t have bad dreams. 

It’s not a huge deal if it provides him comfort, especially since he moves back to his own bed easily.  That being said, we need to work through this. 

I think our best bet is to intervene as soon as he moves to our room.  To accomplish this, I can setup an alert to notify me of any movement in his room after we leave.  When motion is detected, we can respond and move him back right away. 

I’m hoping that this will help him to realize that he can fall asleep in his bed.

Time will tell. As with everything else in life, this will be a work in progress.  ☺


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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