Functional Independence Group 

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Elliott and I are sitting at Akron Children’s Hospital, waiting for Emmett’s Functional Independence Group (the real name for his Social Group) to end for the week. 

Emmett’s so excited to go and looks forward to going every week.  

I’m feeling pretty okay about life today.  Of course I’m still tired because one good night’s sleep doesn’t really make a dent in chronic sleep deprivation. 

Elliott’s sitting with a piece of paper and a pen, drawing Pokémon. ☺ 

I’m pretty sure this is the last thing we have on the agenda for today but we might go hunting for Pokémon around town.. The kids are huge into this right now. 

I still have to figure out dinner but I still have a couple hours.  For now, I’m going to make it through Emmett’s therapy and the return trip home.. 

One step at a time make everything less intimidating…