Heartbroken and Frustrated: We’ve been unable to help Gavin so far

Gavin is not getting any better and his worsening hallucinations are becoming more and more elaborate.  

This week we heard some really concerning renditions of the mission s that Gavin has been undertaking with his visibly challenged group of super best friends. 

These missions are so elaborate and frankly, I didn’t even know he knew some of the words he was using. It’s so heartbreaking to see Gavin go through this a day for us to be powerless to help.  

I spoke with his psychiatrists office twice this week.  

The doctor is on vacation (a well deserved one I might add) and out of touch until the 25th of July. This isn’t usually a problem because the nurse practitioners can handle every medication the patients are on. All the medications that is, with the one exception of Clozapine.  

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No one wants to touch the Clozapine and I don’t blame them. I believe that Gavin’s the only patient on Clozapine so it was a situation that probably wasn’t thought of. 

We have to wait until the 25th to find out what, if anything we’re going to be able to do.  

Clozapine is a very, very tightly controlled medication that’s banned in most other countries. Messing with dosages is very dangerous, especially if there has been an interruption in medication intake.  That’s already happened once so if anything gets goofed up this time around, it’s the end of the road for antipsychotics. 

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For those wondering, that’s not a good thing.  So it’s best that we wait to make sure that this is done right.  

Until such time where we make any changes, we simply have to hurry up and wait.  It sucks and it’s frustrating but it’s the only choice we have at this point.  


  1. tannawings

    I wouldnt classify this as heartbreaking, just probably frustrating, and a whole lot of you wish you knew what to do. Hopefully when his psychiatrist gets back, he can figure out whats triggering this break from reality. Gavin is a smart boy, he likely knows tons of words you dont know he has picked up! (which is a good thing actually it means he has retained stuff you never knew of)
    Hoping Gavin still has his smile on through out all of this, it has to be awfully confusing times for him.

    1. That’s certainly one way to look at it. Respectfully, it’s heartbreaking because my son doesn’t know of the difference between what’s real and what isn’t..

      It’s heartbreaking because watching him go through this is horrible because there’s nothing we can do.

      At the same time however, he’s happy…..

      I guess it’s more heartbreaking for us as parents because we know what’s happening. Gavin’s happy and I can take some solace in that…

      No worries, Gavin is always smiling and your right to point that out….. Thank You

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