Today was pretty horrible but we lived to tell about it

Today has been such a long, both emotionally and physically draining day.

Before and after Emmett’s emergency dental appointment, I didn’t see much of .  He spent most of his free time in his room. The only time he really spent time amongst his was after dinner, while he was receiving his .

When he gets his infusion, he likes to sit in the same exact spot and practice the exact same .  If anything shakes up that routine, he panics and for that reason, we do our best to ensure everything stays as close to the same each time he gets his infusion.

Poor Emmett has been so tired after his dental procedure today.

He fell asleep in the car on the way home and has been in some pain. I guess if you have to have a tooth extracted, it’s way better to have it be a baby tooth because there’s almost no root.

I think it will be pretty reasonable to expect the next day or so to be a bit challenging in regards to Emmett. If there were a scale to measure , today’s events would have broken that scale.  There’s very likely going to be fallout from this whole thing and we will very likely see it over the next few days.

textgram_1469506536He’s been in a pretty decent mood, all things considered and he actually fell asleep in his own bed.

He hasn’t eaten much but that’s to be expected.  I picked him up some ice cream because it was easy to eat and the cold made his mouth feel better.

If I had to pick out something that really surprised me today, it would easily be how well did while we were at the for Emmett.  He insisted on coming back with us because he didn’t feel comfortable in the waiting room.

As it turns out, Elliott didn’t even flinch the entire time.

He was very supportive to Emmett and really did an outstanding job of being there for him today.  Below is a cute little video of us talking after Emmett’s mouth was numbed up..

Lizze got home around dinner time and helped me get dinner ready for the boys.  Oddly enough, we neglected to feed ourselves for some reason.  She’s doing pretty well and today wasn’t anything to the contrary.

As for myself, I’m exhausted after today.  Emmett’s screaming and I mean screaming, while at the dentist, took a toll on me both physically and emotionally. It’s hard to see him go through something like that and not have it impact me.

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