You won’t believe what we went through just trying to get Emmett to the dentist

I can’t even begin to explain how horribly awry today has gone. I should probably just start at the beginning.

Lizze got off to class without any problems and let me sleep in until it was time for her to leave.

The boys and I spent the morning getting some things done. I spent a large part of my time just trying to calm Emmett, who’s picked today to freak out about the dentist.  He normally does well but on a day that Lizze isn’t able to be there, he’s pretty hardcore freaking out.

Before we left, Elliott and Gavin had a snack because we were going to eat lunch late.

Elliott had some granola samples I had received and Gavin had crackers or something, I can’t remember. We checked to make sure the granola was almond free and safe to eat. It looked to be okay because we just have to avoid directly ingesting almonds.  Tree nuts have always proven to be okay.

As we are driving down the freeway and Elliott’s finishing up his granola, he begins to have an allergic reaction to his snack.

His throat is getting itchy and it beings to hurt.

I called Lizze and checked to see if she had any Benadryl on her because we actually had to drive past where she was at.  She had some and so we detoured to her and got Benadryl in Elliott’s system within a few minutes of him having a reaction.  It was faster this way and he was okay,  just experiencing mild anaphylaxis.

We’re going to have to be more careful and carry his epi-pen and some Benadryl with us when we go anywhere.  He’s clearly still allergic and so at least we know that for sure now.

As we get back on the road, Gavin begins having issues with his bladder. O_o

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