I just realized something today and it scared the shit out of me

With school starting back up in 23 days, I just realized that we are going to have a pretty big problem.

Since June 8th of this year, Emmett hasn’t worn socks and has absolutely no tolerance for them.


Every pair of socks I’ve bought for him, no longer feel okay and now I can’t find anything that he’ll wear.

I have no idea what we’re going to do because he has to wear socks while in school. All he wears now are flip flops and he’s begging to be home schooled so he won’t have to wear socks.

Socks won’t be the only issue because he hasn’t worn shoes in just as long either.

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Unfortunately, we have even less time than normal because school starts almost three weeks sooner this year than last.  I was planning to have another paycheck arrive prior to school starting.

As it is, having less time is going to cause problems in several areas.

They’ve never started this early and the calender was just sent out today.

I’m really afraid of what’s going to happen when Emmett is forced to wear socks. Frankly, I don’t think it’s even possible to force him because if he doesn’t want to do something, he’s not going to do it.

On the plus side, I’m not dealing with this alone and Lizze will be able to help as well.

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