In the market for Melatonin? Amazon's got a sweet deal -

In the market for Melatonin? Amazon’s got a sweet deal

This is not a paid endorsement in any way.  I’m simply letting you know of about the deal I just got in Amazon. 

We were out of Melatonin and when I go to Walgreens buy more, it’s really expensive.

Depending on when we get it, it could be $12/bottle for the exact same brand/dose/amount.

I looked on Amazon and found this deal….


This is what arrived today and I paid a total of $11.00. It’s the exact same stuff we buy at the pharmacy but for half the price.

Click the link above to check it out on Amazon.  Again, I have no stake in this but I know how expensive Melatonin can be and how vital it is for families like mine. 

Hope this helps someone… ☺️

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