We’re still having bedtime struggles with out youngest but here’s my attitude about it

The boys went to bed so easily tonight. We had a couple nitelight issues in which we need to invest in rechargeable AAA batteries to solve. I was able to provide a temporary work around and all was right with the world.
No one battled over what song they were going to listen to and no one came down stairs looking for a snack.  ☺

When Lizze and I went to bed, not having heard Emmett’s music blasting from our bedroom, I thought for sure I wasn’t going to find in our bed. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to be happy with the progress we made in other areas of bedtime because Emmett was sprawled out across our bed. ☺
Truthfully, it’s frustrating because we can’t seem to help him through this. On the other hand, he’s so stinking adorable and it’s impossible to be upset or angry.

He’s only a kid for so long and if falling asleep in our bed provides him with the comfort he needs to let his guard down enough to actually fall sleep, so be it. He very easily moves back to his own bed when Lizze and I go to bed.

I have the attitude of let them be little. ☺ 

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