It’s the end of the world. Well, it’s the end of Elliott’s Minecraft world anyway 

The boys have really been into Minecraft lately and Elliott discovered mods for Minecraft PE. I warned him countless times that while mods may work, they may not always work correctly or they could even corrupt his game data, meaning he could lose all his world’s.  

Some of the mods began causing problems right away.  No one could join his world and he was no longer able to join our family realm.  

He lived with it for a couple weeks but decided that he needed to remove all the mods and get things working correctly again.  
Unfortunately, that ended up costing him the world’s he’s worked on for many months and he now has to begin again.  He’s pretty devastated right now but it is what it is.  

We’re living through a meltdown at the moment but he’ll work through it.. 

Now he’s got a fresh start with everything working the way it was intended to work. 

We’re all going to help him rebuild his world and he’s feeling a little better now as a result.  ☺ 

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Karalyn Fett

I mean, obviously he’ll be turned off mods for a while but in case he gets the itch to have some again do you guys know how to back up all of his saved worlds? I am 26 years old and I would absolutely melt down too if I never backed up my stuff and lost everything. I work way too hard on them grin

Rob Gorski

Oh yeah. His tablet is rooted and I can back things up but once he uses the mods on the world, all I can do is restore back to the point before the mods…

It sucks but I’m hoping this is a lesson learned.