Here’s what happened between last night and today in regards to Gavin’s psychiatrist 

I made the call to our child psychiatrist’s office today.  I explained my frustration in regards to last night’s debacle and did so in a very respectful way.  

I really do find that the bees with honey approach works best in situations like this. At the same time, I was firm and stood my ground. 

This kinds of stuff happens way too often anymore and with a child like Gavin, we need to actually see the doctor when we’re scheduled to.  I also realized that there’s actually probably some protocol for prescribing Clozapine that requires face time with the patient on a regular basis. 

Anyway, someone is supposed to be calling me back shortly to sort through this and find a resolution. 

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A reader pointed out in a comment on my post last night that a child psychiatrist is the last doctor in the world she would want to start over with.  
She’s absolutely right about that.  

Last night I was running on frustration and emotion.  I was venting in that post and I was sure to state that clearly.  I was sharing the feelings I was experiencing in the moment because it’s all part of the journey.  

Having gotten some sleep and cooling off a bit, I recognize the need to try and work this out.  Starting over would honestly be a devastating setback and I’m not sure we could even find someone who’s qualified to even see Gavin, let alone treat him.  

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Our current doctor, the of the doctors from the psych unit Gavin used to frequent and the doctor we credit with saving his life while admitted to the Cleveland Clinic a few years back have all said that clinicians will go through their entire career and never see a child like Gavin. 

That sorta puts things into perspective… 

Right now, we have a doctor who’s best of the best but who’s office runs like poo most of the time.  Unfortunately, running like poo is part for the course and having things go as scheduled is the exception to the rule.  

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Part of the reason it’s so frustrating is that we were among his very first patients when he moved to town about a decade ago.  Things went much smoother then but now he’s in such high demand, this is what happens now.  

Having said all that and taking my readers advice, I think we really need to try and make this work, rather than trying to hunt down a new shrink….. 

We’ll have to see what happens when I hear back from them today..