Up for most of the night with my Autistic kid again

Last night, as I was winding the day down, lying in bed and writing about my day, Elliott woke up.  

There’s no duplicit reason for it because he didn’t have a bad dream or anything like that.  He simply woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.  He did try for close to an hour but with no luck. 

He and I eventually moved to the living room, each claiming our favorite couch. It took hours for him to fall asleep and so I was up as well.  

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The morning came way too soon but he was cooperative and in good spirits, while I was hating the world and struggled to keep my eyes open. 

I did grab a short nap while Gavin was sleeping off his morning medications but truthfully, it wasn’t long enough and I almost feel worse now.  

Raising kids with Autism is tough enough on 8 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, I don’t know many Autism parents who can honestly claim to achieve that elusive good night’s sleep on an even semi-regular basis and I’m certainly no exception. 

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