The most unexpected thing happened tonight

Tonight while Lizze and I were watching Supernatural on Netflix, I got a text message that I’ve only ever received during the winter.  

It was a notification that school will be closed tomorrow. It also appears that school will also be closed on Friday as well but there’s some conflicting information on that.  

The text came in at 10pm and said school would be closed today and tomorrow.  Assuming that most people would see the message in the morning, it would seem that Thursday and Friday are cancled.  

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Apparently though, there was a teach who posted on Class Dojo that classes would resume on Friday. 

Since school was being called off due to excessive heat, it doesn’t make sense to cancel Thursday and not Friday as well because it’s not going to get any better. 

The school has no AC and it’s like a kiln inside.  This is happening for health and safety reasons. 

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While I wasn’t expecting this, it’ll be nice to have the kids home for a long weekend.  ☺️

I’d like to thank the school for putting the health and safety of our kids first. That means a great deal.