If you consider 7am sleeping in, than the boys slept in this morning.  ☺ 

This is a very good thing for Elliott because he’s been struggling to the stay asleep for the last week or so. The poor kid needed some sleep. 

Gavin was briefly awake before going back to bed himself. He may still be a little under the weather from his IVIG infusion last night. Hopefully, he’ll rest for a little bit and be back to driving me crazy with his incessant talking in a little bit.  lol

I let Lizze sleep in this morning and I’ve been hanging out with the boys playing Minecraft. 

While I’m feeling drained, I’m also in a really good mood.  ☺ 

There’s a small chance the boys will be going to their grandparents today and I’ll be able to take a much needed nap. 

For right now, I’m doing pretty good for the most part. 

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