Here’s what Gavin and I did to kill time this afternoon

This afternoon, Gavin and I did some running around. We hit Gamestop because I had a coupon for a free game that was $15 or less. That was fun and we decided on Terraria because we thought the boys would love it cause the play it all the time on their tablets. 

Afterwards, we went to the bank and then the track. 

Gavin and I did our 30 minute walk before heading to the school to pick up the boys. He had bladder issues most of the way but was able to manage pretty well. 

It’s dinner time now and that’s always loads of fun.  😁 

Later on tonight, I’ll be talking about how we signed the boys up for the after school program. There was drama involved and we have a few decisions to make.  

Stay tuned. . . . 

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