I have good news, sorta okay-ish news and straight up bad news

Let me begin by saying it’s been a really long week. I’m TGIF-ing the shit out of today because I’m so grateful for making it this far. 😂

It’s been a mixed bag for the boys this week.

We’ve seen a significant increase in and issues with the boys. Neither of these things are easy to manage as parents. All we can do is our best and that’s what we did. It’s not always pretty, perfect and sometimes our best intentions walk us straight into Hell.

Having said that, we’ve survived. Even better, we’ve survived together and that’s what really matters.
Today in particular, is full of news that I think is relevant enough to share with all of you.

I mentioned in the title that I have , sorta okay-ish news and straight up .

All of this news revolves round and that probably won’t come as a surprise to those familiar with Gavin’s unique story.

I’ll start with the good news first because it’s pretty quick and easy to talk about.

The Good News 

Gavin had his tonight because we were gone all morning. We ended up doing his infusion after dinner, while watching Ant-Man. This particular infusion seemed to go really slow but he did well throughout and didn’t have any from the donor antibodies. That’s good news because it doesn’t always go so well.

The Sorta Okay-ish News 

I mentioned earlier today that Gavin had his weekly bloodwork this morning. I called to find out his platelet count because for some reason, his platelets have been at dangerously low levels and we’re closely monitoring his labs.

Everything gets sent to his doctors but I want to know the results before the weekend because I don’t want to worry about if things are okay.

When I called for the results this afternoon, the labs weren’t ready yet and they had to call me back. I ended up getting a call back about an hour or so later and they tell me that Gavin’s platelets are at 140.

The reason this is sorta okay-news and not good news is because the levels are supposed to be between 150 and 450. It’s also because this is a drop from last week.

The reason this is sorta okay-ish news and not bad news is because while the levels are lower than they were last week, they are still up from 120, where they were a few weeks ago. I’m looking for the positive here.

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  • It’s if the platelets are not at rock bottom. I hope something can help him with his bladder urges, poor guy.