Do you ever just feel despair as an #Autism parent? 

I’m having a rough day today. I’m hyperfocused on certain things and I’m so incredibly stressed out. Everything  from Gavin, work, the stupid server running this site to this fricking election have me on a one way trip to burnoutsville. 

So far, the things we desperately need to have happen, simply aren’t happening or they’re happening much later than they should be. That makes life with three special needs kids all that much more difficult. 

I’m not dwelling on the negative either, it just feels like I’m up to my neck in it at the moment. I know at least someone out there can relate to this. 

We all have days where we feel like anything that could go wrong, does go wrong. I’m just having one of those days today and while logically I know this, the overwhelming feelings of despair are well……pretty overwhelming.. 

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