One more reason I’m proud of my boys 

I meant to share this a few days ago but you know, life….. 

Anyway, I’m fixing that now and I’m really happy to report how well the boys did with their after school program. I’m proud of Elliott and Emmett but for slightly different reasons. 

I’m so proud of Emmett because of how he wanted to try something good new. He took on this after school program with a level of excitement that is just simply amazing.  He did awesome while there and can’t wait to go back and absorb as much knowledge as possible…  

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What’s not to be proud of? 

Elliott on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with this program and was absolutely against going.  

Having said that, we made him go and while the first session was really tough for him, the second one was much, much better. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that he even had fun. Don’t tell him I noticed though..  ☺ 

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I’m so proud of Emmett desire to learn everything he can about everything he can. In Elliott’s case, I know he loves learning as well but very much she’s away from new things. The fact that he’s going at all is pretty amazing. The fact that he’s even enjoying the experience because he gave it a chance is why I’m so proud of him… 

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I love my boys and I can’t imagine being any prouder….  ☺ 💙 


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