A quick but important Gavin update 

This is just a real quick update on Gavin and how he’s doing after starting his new medication. 

Having only started his new bladder medication a few days ago at the most, I’m not sure when we can expect to see a change. Unfortunately, when Gavin came home from his grandparents this past weekend, he informed me that there were several times in the last 24 hours where his bladder was playing tricks on him. 

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I’m not sure whether or not to lose hope just yet because it’s only been a short time. 
This particular medication is supposed to relax his bladder and calm the sudden and sometimes painful urges to use the bathroom. I’m not thinking that there is really a dose to play around with either. 

The only thing we can really do right now is give it a bit more time to work and go from there. 

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Here’s to hoping that things get better for Gavin this week.  He certainly deserves it…