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The single biggest reason I’m worried about our emergency psych appointment today

Lizze and I reached out to Gavin’s psychiatrist’s office because we’re growing increasingly worried about his worsening level of lethargy. I mentioned eariler that they were our first stop because… Read more »

The #1 reason I’m grateful for days like today

This morning, Gavin had the last IVIG infusion that we have supplies for. Now is when I start to get anxious and stress out because it’s become another episode of… Read more »

The solution to Gavin’s immunology crisis was completely unexpected

We’ve been so stressed out since learning about the GAMMAGARD shortage. GAMMAGARD is the medication used to treat Common Variable Immunodeficiency, of which Gavin has. Basically, GAMMAGARD is donor antibodies… Read more »

We have some difficult decisions about Gavin’s heath to make today

It was a rough night and a challenging morning. It’s a big day and it’s made worse by my lack of sleep. That being said, we’ve made it to our… Read more »

Do you ever feel like it’s all falling apart?

Generally speaking, I’m a happy, healthy and optimistic person. I tend to see the good in everyone and always try to see the positive side of things. Sometimes though, there’s… Read more »

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