My wife is not doing well and could use your thoughts and prayers -

My wife is not doing well and could use your thoughts and prayers

If you’ve been following Lizze’s blog, you know that she’s going through a very difficult time. She’s living with bipolar type 2 and is on a mission to share her story, in order to help others gain insight into this very challenging human condition. 

People with bipolar type 2 have depression as their default state of being. When the pendulum swings to the right and they enter a manic phase, they tend to be more productive, creative and efficient in their daily lives. Mania is very mild. 

When the pendulum swings to the left, they hit a massive, massive depression. 

Lizze has entered into a major depressive episode over the last few days and she’s really struggling with life. 

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BTW, I had to mess around to post this comment. Turns out I have to be logged into site FIRST. It wasn’t perfectly intuitive but I think I’ve got it now. 🙂


Sorry about that. You should be able to comment as a guest but signing in is the most direct way..


Bipolar syndrome isn’t easy to deal with.


No, it isn’t but if you love the person who has it, it worth all the effort. 🙂

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