I have a sick kiddo tonight -

I have a sick kiddo tonight

Poor Elliott is unable to sleep tonight and after he tried for almost five hours, we moved to the living room. He’s complaining of a stomachache and he couldn’t get comfortable, so he’s chilling on the love seat in the front room. 

I’m so tired but can’t fall asleep until Elliott does… 😢

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Kim Gebhardt

Why can’t you sleep until he does? I kind of get that approach with Emmett (you have mentioned that he likes to wander around and he is also younger), but if Elliott is chilling on the love seat what stops you from dozing on the couch in the same room?


That’s a fair question. I don’t like to leave them alone at night. My reason with Elliott is that I want him to go to sleep. If I fell asleep first, he’d be up forever and what I’ve trying to avoid….

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