The boys have been challenging this morning 

Alexa woke me up at 8am this morning (I told you I’m hooked on home automation) and that left us with about thirty minutes to get ready. At 9am, Lizze had an appointment and the boys and I were taking her there. 

Elliott and Emmett have been super challenging so far but I’m hoping to work off some of their energy in the giant playroom under Dr. Pattie’s office, while we wait for Lizze to finish her appointment. 

There’s nothing really on the schedule for today, aside from Lizze spending some time with her Mom this afternoon. 

I happen to think that’s a great idea and I’m more than happy to chill with the kids while she’s out.  It’s important that we both take time to ourselves and that’s exactly what’s she’s doing.  ☺ 

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