I have a MAJOR confession to make

My wife loves watching Dr. Phil and over the years, I’ve picked up a few things. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from the many years of my wife watching his show is that you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. 

I’m very much aware of my being overweight but I’m having a really hard time holding myself accountable. 

My thought is that if I confess my weight to all of you and share my plans for weight loss, as well as my goals, perhaps this might help me to remain motivated. 

Here’s the deal and the absolute humiliating truth. I weigh about 318 lbs. I carry it well but the weight is a huge problem for me.  It all began after I suffered a major, career ending back injury back in 2000.

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Kim Gebhardt
Good morning, Rob. Good luck on the weight loss journey and I have a couple of ideas/suggestions… Post some pictures of yourself back when you were working out all the time and in such good shape; post them next to a picture of you now. Seeing the two side by side can be a great motivator for you and will let your readers see what you’re dealing with. In regards to holding yourself accountable, stop making excuses for why you’re overweight and stop saying things like ‘I carry it well’ because no average sized man carries 318 pounds well and… Read more »
Kim Gebhardt

I started making smoothies for breakfast because I have a tendency to skip breakfast and not eat until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I try to eat fresh foods and skip prepackaged and prepared foods whenever I can and you’re right, eating healthy isn’t cheap. Good luck, and post before and after pictures along the way so we can keep up with you. Also, post a throwback pic!

Ellen Beck
My advice is do not be a ‘weekend warrior’. Losing weight takes longer than gaining it. I saw your other post where you did well exercising and thats a good thing, just don’t burn out or think it will be that way every single day. Also realize when you were at your ‘fighting’ weight, you were younger, you werent married you didnt have 3 kids. Stay positive, keep working out and say no to foods you know arent a good choice. I know thats tough, when the kids are eating stuff you might want. You can do this, just slow… Read more »