I’m grateful tonight

Lizze is getting some shut eye and the boys and I are hanging out. We made pancakes for dinner and I focused more on serving sizes this time around and we had far less waste.. ☺

Gavin’s getting his infusion and I’m writing this, while the boys are working together in the Xbox.

It’s almost bedtime and I’m feeling really good about this evening because it was pleasant. I was able to get some things done, make dinner and hangout with the boys..

I’m also glad that I was able to do this without needing to wake the wife. She’s not been feeling well and needs some extra sleep.

I’ll probably put the kids down for the night and check on Lizze before settling in for some of whatever I end up doing tonight. I’m grateful that we had such a great evening because they don’t often come along and it’s important to appreciate them when they do… ☺

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  1. I work on that every nite

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