It’s was a sh!tty morning for this #Autism Dad

This morning sucked. On the positive side though, both boys got to school but it was a shifty, meltdown filled morning in The Autism Dad household. 

Elliott was pretty hyper but mostly cooperative and that’s awesome. 

Emmett was another story all together. He’s been having a rough time falling asleep at night since Christmas break threw his routine off and we’ve lost most all of the progress we’d made in that area. 

He’s not getting enough sleep and that exacerbates the sensory related challenges we face every single morning in regards to shoes and socks. 

It was an absolute nightmare today and we battled for at least thirty minutes before he finally kept his shoes and socks on long enough to make it out the door, into the almost 0°F weather and off to school. 
We tried all the usual things like deep pressure, joint manipulation, brushing, redirecting, positive reinforcement, physically putting his shoes and socks on him without his help and even bribery. 

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As terrible as it sounds, as shitty as it feels and it feels shitty, it’s almost like we have to break his will before he will wear them. I hate everything about this. I wish we could just forget shoes and socks but it’s too cold to do that. 

I don’t know what else to do anymore. Nothing seems to help and I’ve spent so much money on shoes and socks that he will only wear a few times before they begin to bother him. This is something we’re working on at home and in OT but we don’t seem to be getting anywhere. 

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Perhaps the focus this weekend should be on smoothing out bedtime. If he gets the sleep he needs, that puts him in a better place to tolerate his shoes and socks. 

This sucks big time and it sapped every last ounce of energy from my entire self. 

Thankfully and almost unbelievably, he went to school in a good mood. He gave both Lizze and I a big hug before hopping out of the car and running into the school. He gave Lizze a hug before leaving the house cause she stayed back to watch Gavin but he was doing good once we worked through all this shit. 

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Being an Autism parent is by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.