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UPDATE: What happened at yesterday’s appointment 

The doctor thinks it’s could just be issues that stem from being weighed on different scales. She’s not worried because Gavin’s weight is right where it always is when he’s weighed at her office. 

The real adventure began on the way home. 

The drive is usually about an hour, depending on traffic. I thought it was bad on the way up cause it took us one hour and fifteen minutes to get there. Little did I know that the worst was yet to come. 

We left to come home about 4:15 pm and didn’t arrive home until about 7:30 pm. 

The roads were absolutely horrible and it took us over three hours to make a sixty minute drive. If that wasn’t bad enough, we got stuck behind some dude that was driving erratically on purpose. He kept swerving as if he was trying to get the guy in front of him to go faster. 

It was so crazy that I even recorded him for about twenty minutes because we were sure something horrible was going to happen and at least we could be witnesses. 

I hadn’t driven in weather this bad in I can’t even remember how long. We averaged about ten miles an hour for most of the return drive. 

We claimed the boys on our way home and sent everyone to bed when we finally got there. Gavin was out like a light but Elliott and Emmett were both up past 11 pm. 

Everyone is sleeping but me and I’m on my way to bed right now.  

I’m super grateful that we made it home safely and I’m thankful for all the help we had with the boys today while we were gone much longer than intended. 

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Glad you didn’t get into an accident!


Thanks!! So am I… 🙂


Glad you didn’t get into an accident!

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