Monthly Archives: March 2017

It’s been a low key feeling blessed kinda day

This is a quick update, as I’ve been otherwise occupied and unable to write much today.  We’ve had a pretty low key kinda day. The car should be fixed sometime… Read more »

Today was tough but we were definitely blessed

The car is now at the shop and we made it safely, both there and back. The walk was actually nice and the kids enjoyed it. ☺  We won’t do… Read more »

Here’s how I’m dealing with the broken down  car

Things have worked out fairly well in regards to our car situation. Insurance covered the tow and the parts cost about $200.  That’s still a lot of money for my… Read more »

When Sh!t Happens Focus On The Blessings

If you were to look outside our front window, you might notice something missing. That something would be our car.  As we were preparing to leave Dr. Pattie’s office after… Read more »

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