Today was tough but we were definitely blessed

The car is now at the shop and we made it safely, both there and back. The walk was actually nice and the kids enjoyed it. ☺ 

We won’t do that very often because of safety issues but today went well. I will say that the walk was probably a bit too much for Gavin but he made it and was glad he was able to go. 

There were only a few my shoes feel funny stops for Mr. Emmett. We were able to work through them in short order and it didn’t really create a problem. 

As I said, the car is at the dealership and my brother has already ordered the part. The ignition needs replaced and of course, new keys made as well. I understand that it should be arriving tomorrow and that means we may get the car back by the weekend. ☺ 

Read This  The boys were up at 5am O_o

Some of my readers had asked what exactly was wrong with the car. I figured it would be easier to do a quick video. 

I also have a few pictures of Emmett, totally amazed by what the tow truck was able to do. Check’em out.