Review: 30 Days with the @Healbe GoBe2 Health/Fitness Tracker

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Let’s get into the GoBe2 and discuss what makes this latest fitness/health tracker different from the rest of the pack.

For starters, it’s important to understand that GoBe2 goes well beyond step and heart rate tracking. In fact, the GoBe2 tracks energy balance, calorie intake, calorie burn, heart rate, stress level, sleep, and hydration. Not only does it do these things but it does them automatically, without user input.

Let’s break them down and explain a bit about how these are tracked and what they actually mean.

Energy Balance, Calorie intake/burn

Healbe describes energy balance as the relationship between your energy input and your energy output. The GoBe2 is capable of automatically tracking calorie intake and calorie burn.

This information is very beneficial when trying to lose weight. Being able to see where you are with your calorie goal for the day is a big help. This information can help you to make better decisions.

In my experience of almost thirty days of use, I found this to be eerily accurate.

The Healbe app is on the left and on the right is myfitnesspal. Pay attention to the numbers highlighted in yellow. MFP reflects the manual entry of calories for today and Healbe reflects the calories automatically tracked.

Please note that MFP wasn’t reflecting calorie burn from exercise when I took the screenshot, I was having some sync issues.

It’s not perfect but on average, it’s pretty darn close. It’s close enough that I’ve stopped manually tracking in MFP and rely on the GoBe2 for my calorie intake and burn.

Basically, the energy balance reflects the difference between the calorie intake and calorie burn. A negative energy balance means you burned more calories than you took in and a positive balance means you took in more than you burned.

When trying to lose weight, you want to aim for a negative energy balance and if you’re looking to gain weight, you want a positive energy balance.

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