I feel pretty good about today

I feel pretty good about today

Emmett’s first day of school wasn’t as smooth as Elliott’s but it went okay. The main issue was that we didn’t get his information until this morning. Not a huge deal because he was still able to get some assignments done and turned in.

It’s a three day weekend and we are back at it on Tuesday of next week.

I shutdown for a little bit today because I had a massive headache and I’m grateful the kids allowed me to close my eyes for a little while. I’m so stressed out and my head was pounding. I don’t like taking a nap while the kids are active but as they get older, they’re much more independent.

The plan for the day was to get some work done and have a bonfire in the evening. That unfortunately, didn’t go as planned.

Before dinner, I took the boys for a hike. It’s been a couple of weeks since we last went for a hike because we were worried about Gavin’s health. While there’s still some things to figure out, we can go hiking again. It needs to be remote and away from other humans.

It was nice to get away for a little bit and we planned on doing the bonfire when we returned.

Unfortunately, there were some things going on in our neighborhood and the kids weren’t comfortable being outside. I think it would have been okay but safety is a real concern where we live and it’s better to exercise caution. We can do the bonfire another day.

We ended up ordering pizza for dinner and watching cartoons instead.

I wish I wasn’t so stressed out but I’m working on it. While the bonfire was a bust, the hike was fun and I’m glad we went. This was one of those times when I really had to push myself to go because depression is not my friend.

I feel like it was a good day and I’m filing these awesome memories in the victory column.

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Curtis G.

Glad you guys were able to get out of the house for some peaceful quiet and exercise. I know how you feel, our once quiet neighborhood is no longer that way and I have to keep a watch out the same as you for my family’s safety.

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