#Depression doesn’t play fair and neither can I when fighting back

Today I’m working on rebuilding my happy place. My happy place is my podcast studio, at least since COVID hit. I’ve decided that I need to put some intentional focus here because it’s a place that helps me find calm and that’s good for my mental health. My mental health has taken a few blows since lockdown.

My project today is cable management. I know that sounds stupid but I hate, hate, hate seeing cables all over the place.

Also, our cats have a thing for chewing on cables and some of these are very expense and some have power running through them. So while it’s a nice to organize the chaos, it’s also making things safer for the cats.

Everything is torn apart at the moment

I’m currently waiting on an Amazon delivery this afternoon that will help me complete this project. I’ve managed to get everything torn apart and now I need to put 2 inch holes in my table in order to run cables through and manage them all on the underside.

When I’m done, there will only be one power cord and everything else will be concealed.

This is really important to me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s a form of selfcare because I’m building a small space of my own that will help me escape some of the daily stress in my life. Secondly, depression is very real in my reality right now and it’s making it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. Forcing myself to take on this little project and focus on my happy place, is like giving depression a swift kick in the nuts.

Sure, that’s a cheap shot but depression doesn’t play fair and neither can I when it comes to fighting back.

I have begun scheduling recordings again and I have 3 or 4 this week alone. It will be so nice to use my revamped studio to do that. I need a dedicated work space and while I wish it wasn’t in my bedroom, it’s better than nothing. I’m grateful to have this space and it will even be a nice place for the kids to do school work on occasion.

At the moment, it’s the little things that I’m clinging to and little things can make a big difference over time. This is an emotional win for me.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Cherry Misra

Dear Rob, thrilled to see your site for the first time. Id like to stay with you. Im an old time autism person, one of the few who does not have an autistic kid. (but plenty in my school in New Delhi, after the number of vaccines given increased in year 2000) Autism did some important things for me- for example I realized that I could get rid of depression permanently by getting rid of the mercury in my teeth. (I did not have other sources of mercury such as fish, vaccines in my life) On August 13 I was born again- the last mercury out of my teeth- even the mercury hidden in root canals. I would like to make it my new birthday, but it is too hot in India at that time of year . I already feel better, which I did not expect- my A fib is better and my Blood Pressure is down. Once I have the proof , after about 6 months of watching, Im going to show the dentist and cardiologist who think mercury in teeth has nothing to do with health. Im 74 and now I hope to have at least ten years to go on working for children and childrens health. Sorry if I am off topic. all the best, Cherry Misra