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The Struggle is Real (feat. Amy Kelly) S3E22

Amy Kelly

This week’s guest is Amy Kelly. Amy Kelly is the mother of Danny, Annie, and Ryan. Her daughter Annie is diagnosed with moderate to severe autism, verbal apraxia, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and general anxiety disorder. Amy Kelly is the National Director of Family Engagement for Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. Devereux is one of the …

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Christmas Eve level excitement for the next week

Sleep last night was pretty shitty. I think I squeezed in about 3 or 4 hours of restless sleep before giving up. Poor Elliott is struggling to sleep as well. Sleep can be a fickle beast to tame and with everything going on right now, it’s even….fickler? More fickle? I don’t know, but you get …

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Making arrangements for the kids to see their mom

I’m moving around much slower than I normally do because I’m much more sore from yesterday’s fall than I thought I would be. That said, I slept well and have been relatively active all day. Elliott slept in pretty late because he didn’t fall asleep until 6 AM this morning. I didn’t know he was …

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In my world, disrupting routine is an absolute no no

It was a relatively quiet day. The biggest thing we had to worry about were deliveries of supplies to the house. I mentioned eariler that I was organizing the pantry and putting things back where they belong. That made putting new things away, so much easier. Over time, things get put back incorrectly or weren’t …

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I’m hoping for a good day

I was asleep by 11pm and up before 8am this morning. I feel pretty good and I’m looking forward to taking on the day. Gavin was up before I was but I beat everyone else. I got the trash cans put away and watered our mint garden. Ruby spent some time outside with me while …

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There was drama but we recovered

Today was a sort of a mixed bag for the boys and I. We got off to a great start in the morning but then there was a shit ton of drama surrounding Gavin’s IVIG Infusion. He’s becoming paranoid when it comes to this and won’t leave the needles alone after they’re placed. He fiddles …

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