This week just became more stressful

This week has gotten insanely crazy. The last 2 days have been incredibly stressful but not for any reason you’d ever suspect.

I was letting the dog out last night and I found a subpoena taped to my font door. I have been subpoenaed to be a State’s witness in a very serious trial. I was completely caught off guard and I was required to be in the courthouse in standby for at least a week waiting to testify.

This took place shortly before Lizze left last year and I think I talked about it then. Anyway, I’m not directly involved at all.

Trying to mix things up a bit with the remote learning

Basically, this in regards to piece of evidence.

Lizze and I spent a great deal of time on the phone last night trying to figure this out. There was no solution that didn’t put the kids at risk or me in violation of a subpoena.

My plan was to speak to the powers that be and explain that I want to help but there’s no version of me physically being present that doesn’t require me to break quarantine. Not only that but the kids couldn’t be home by themselves and there is literally nowhere I could send them that would maintain quarantine. This is really important, especially in Gavin and Elliott’s case. Both are high risk and I will not take any chances.

Lizze and I decided that the absolute worse case scenario would be her taking the boys for the duration of my involvement and for two weeks after. Lizze and her family just started their fourteen day quarantine, so the boys could visit in two week.

When I say this was a worst case scenario, that’s only referring to the boys going over when Lizze and her family haven’t quarantined. We have to take this very seriously.

There’s no one in my family in quarantine and sending the boys would be a risk.

Lizze and I agreed that my priority needs to be trying to make alternative arrangements to do whatever was required of me remotely, rather than in person.

I have some calls in and I’m waiting to hear back. I’m simply going to explain my situation and that I want to help but I need to do so remotely. Hopefully, that won’t be a problem but until I know for sure, I’m a bit freaked out by this.

The kids are worried and we’ve reassured them but anxiety is kinda their thing and it doesn’t take much to get that ball rolling.

It was a long night but everyone is doing okay this morning. Emmett had class this morning and did great.

We have some groceries coming in a few hours and we’ll keep ourselves moving forward into this weekend.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I don’t think this is jury duty from what I gather. There is a lot of crime that they witness in their neighborhood and he might have been called as a witness. Maybe they can do a video link, that would be best case.

Suzanne Olsen

What i’d do is ring up the registrar of your local law courts and find out if you actually have to turn up there. Also i’d be checking if the subpoena is the real deal. Some people might be pranking you unfortunately which can be nasty and cause more stress because you have more on your plate already. If you can get the kids to go to their grandparents or mum’s place whilst you can do this that’s ok too. But if not i’d go into the law courts with it and find out if it’s legit and take one of the boys with you. They might see that and let you off.

Curtis G.

I once was called up for jury duty in my town. I went to the courthouse and explained that I could not do jury duty because my son was autistic and it was imperative that I be home because he had some serious medical issues as well and it was imperative I be there to help my wife take care of him. I brought a note as it was from the doctor backing my claim that our son was autistic and had medical issues and I was excused from jury duty because of a hardship decision. I know every state, town, city, etc. has different rules governing jury duty but fortunately I was able to be excused. Mainly the doctor’s letter did it for me. Hope you are able to get out of it. They have plenty of people who can take your place and in our situations, our children have to come first.