What’s this week going to throw at me?

We've reached the final few days of what is probably the worst school year ever due to COVID. I'm so grateful that the boys made it through and that in person learning will resume full-time once again this fall. I'd prefer to never, ever do this again. This week is just fun stuff and a time to turn in missed assignments. If this had been a typical year, I would be concerned with the boys grades. The reality is, they survived a global pandemic and still managed to make it to school everyday. Did they put in their best effort, I doubt it, but how many of us adults, just phoned it in this year? I know I did. I'm once again first in line for parent pickup and I'm…


Tips for Parents Managing Distance Learning at Home

Distance learning is a skill that, when mastered, opens routes to lifelong educational opportunities! Although our collective journey as parents of school-aged children has been bumpy on a global scale since March of 2020, we have all found ourselves making strides in our endeavors to accommodate our kids' educational needs. Despite massive odds against all parents, there are a few key tips that have helped online learning aid our children in their educational blossoming. You can also click here for more information on online learning. Proper Tools: While this may seem to be an obvious answer, a more in-depth analysis of what online learning tool kits should include exposes the fact that a lot of thought must be given by both teachers and parents. Because our homes aren't always set…

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Emmett returned to the classroom today

Today was such a big day, especially for Emmett. I haven't mentioned this in a little while because I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Today was the moment of truth and here's what happened. State testing is ridiculously mandatory this year, despite the pandemic. I have made my thoughts on that quite clear. It's flat out fucking stupid that we didn't skip testing this year. We know the scores are going to be lower but it's because our kids were surviving a fucking pandemic, not because they're incapable of learning or the teachers aren't doing their jobs. Sorry, I get pretty fired up about this but I digress. Anyway, Emmett was required to return to school for the testing process and he will be required in and off…


We escaped for a little while today

The kids had a mixed bag kind of day because life is just getting to be a bit much lately. I got the kids to school and we made it through the school day. I mean, it's remote learning so we didn't have to go very far but it can still be a challenge. Everyone is current on their school work and that's awesome. I'm so proud of my guys. There was a good bit of fighting today because, as I said, they're just done with everything going on around us. They tested my patience and I'm not afraid to say that. After Elliott finished up class, I decided to take them for a short hike. We were only out for about an hour and didn't run into any another…

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My kids had to learn about Trumps attempted coup in school today

We've made it through the first week back at school and we're doing pretty awesome. Emmett is completely current as is Elliott. This has been a challenge for autistic kids in regards to remote learning. I've spoken with tons of parents dealing with the same or worse. Lots of kids don't even show up to class every day. I I feel pretty good at this moment in time because the boys are adjusting to the change, finally. It's only taken half a school year but we have made progress. That's a positive thing and I'm crazy proud. We had a rough day yesterday because you know, an army of stupid Trump supports literally laid siege on the Capitol Building, in a attempted coup. The goal being to ensure a second…


Our first day back after Christmas break

The boys had a great first day back at school, at least as far as remote learning is concerned. Emmett is feeling very motivated this quarter and that's a very positive thing. He brought his grades up two letter grades in the second quarter and I'm so proud of him. I even brought him a cup of hot chocolate cause the house was a little cold this morning. We try to keep the house a little cooler cause it's easier on the gas bill. He apparently has started drinking hot chocolate with a straw. Elliott had a great first day back as well. He's not super motivated but he's got a good attitude and I'm happy for that. All things considered, that's all I can ask for. It's a short…


It was a really nice surprise

The boys got off to a mixed start today. Elliott fell back asleep while I was working with Emmett and missed the first 10 minutes of class. That's a bit frustrating for me but he's back on track and that's what I'm going to focus on right now. While Emmett was in between classes, he used his down time to surprise me with a cup of hot chocolate. I was working and he thought he would do something nice for me. It was a sweet gesture and I'm still smiling from it. ☺


It’s been a bizarre morning so far

It's been a bizarre day and it's not even noon. So, I'm getting some work down while the boys are in class and I'm waiting for the groceries to arrive. I get this text message from Emmett telling me to check out empshield.com. I thought this is totally random and but I checked it out and it's pretty self-explanatory. They deal in EMP shielding. I asked Emmett why he was sending that to me. There's a little backstory here. A couple of weeks ago, while heading out to go hiking, we were talking about how to use a compass. The idea was safety related, since we were going hiking. We ended up on the topic of the Earth's magnetic poles. Elliott decides to add to the mix that it's believed…