Round 3 of blood work for Gavin

It’s been a long day but a pretty good one. I didn’t write yesterday cause I was not really in a place where I felt like writing. I spent the time connecting with other parents instead and that was really cool.

Yesterday, I had to take Gavin for another round of blood work, this time focusing on his liver. I hate doing this because it puts us in contact with other people but it was a necessary evil. Gavin’s levels have been off and we have to keep following up until we figure it out.

I needed to get this done ASAP because the car goes into the bodyshop this weekend and I’ll be car-less for a few weeks.

Gavin has an appointment with gastro coming up and we need the labs done prior. I’ll keep you updated as to the results. I can’t promise I will know what they mean but l’ll do my best.

He’s still not experiencing any symptoms, at least noticeable ones. That’s good. His doctor isn’t overly concerned because he’s asymptomatic but we need to get to the bottom of things nonetheless.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

I’m hoping everything goes well for Gavin and they find the cause of his current issues. We are trying to get our son seen by a gastroenterologist out of town because he is now going through some very scary gastro issues and losing weight. My wife and I are very nervous at this point and hope someone can find an answer to his problems. So I know exactly what you are going through. So I’m hoping your doctors get to the bottom of what is causing Gavin’s gastro issues. I know 70+% of children on the spectrum have gastro problems and other related medical issues. It’s just hard and so frustrating when a definitive answer seems so evasive.