I needed stitches but #COVID kept me from going to the ER

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The boys have school in the morning and I have my last recording of the year scheduled in the afternoon. I’m not sure if that will be tacked onto season 3 or be the first episode of season 4. Decisions decisions.

I think it’s going to be a relatively slow week. We have groceries ordered and scheduled for delivery on Tuesday and Wednesday. They’re from different places and have different schedules. I’m weird about groceries. I like Walmart for most things but prefer Giant Eagle for meat and produce. In the advent of COVID, grocery shopping can amount to multiple deliveries.

There are going to be big steps forward in my divorce this week. The progress is good because it’s one big step closer to gaining some needed closure for that part of my life. I don’t however, feel it’s something to celebrate.

I had a rough weekend because I got hurt and couldn’t go to the hospital. I’ve mentioned before that my treadmill bit the dust a while back and I’ve not been able to replace it. As a result I’ve been running in place for 30 minutes a night and last night, I accidently smashed my knee into the corner of my metal bed frame. I split the top of my shin open, down to the bone. There’s not a lot of skin thickness there so that’s no great feat. It hurt like a motherfucker and honestly, needed three or four stitches.

Unfortunately, doing so would require a trip to the ER during COVID and there’s no way to make that safely work. Our hospitals are all over capacity, which is why my county is purple.

It wasn’t bleeding much and that made managing it on my own a little easier. The kids were freaked out because they were afraid of me having to go to the ER. Emmett called my parents while Elliott got the first aid kit for me.

I was quite calm and controlled because I felt pretty comfortable managing this on my own. Our brand new first aid kit was lacking butterfly bandaids, so my Dad raided their first aid kit and dropped some off on the front porch. He was more than willing to help me but COVID made that not a good idea.

Anyway, I was able to clean it up, close it up with the butterflies and cover it with a large bandage.

It was only about an inch long but as I said, it was clean through. I checked it this morning and it’s still closed up nicely and already healing. It doesn’t really hurt at all but when I hit my shin, I stumbled in a way that jarred my back. I have a major back injury from about 20 years ago now. Normally I do okay and it doesn’t bother me but it also doesn’t take much to aggrivate it and put me in a place where I can barely walk. I’m currently living in that barely able to walk place and it sucks. It fucking hurts worse than it has in years.

I’m hoping that Motrin and my purple mattress will help me recover ASAP. Sometimes this can be better after a good night’s sleep and other times it can take a week or so for the swelling to go down.

Anyway, I’m just grateful that I was able to manage this at home..

If I can walk in the next few days, I’ll be grateful and just move forward. I did order some of the corner covers you get when baby proofing your house. I learned my lesson. ☺

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Becky Wiren

I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself too badly. I mean, it sounded bad but with you able to use the butterfly bandages and it’s healing okay, that means you were able to manage it. What a sad state we’re in if we can’t feel safe going to the ER.