I’ll admit it, I’m smitten

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I’ve never been a little dog person because I didn’t see the point. I’ve always had big dogs like Maggie, our 70 lbs English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We we adopted Ruby last week, the last thing I expected was to become totally smitten.

Ruby weighs a bit under 5 lbs and is really tiny. Despite her size, she’s got an enormous personality and fits in perfectly with the rest of our family. ☺

Anyway, I said above that I hadn’t expected to become smitten with her because I’m not a big fan of tiny dogs. Ruby had other plans because she’s latched on to me and literally follows me everywhere I go.

When I’m writing, she curls up on my lap and falls asleep. Sometimes she climbs up and sleeps on my shoulder.

Maggie is a big dog and likes to sleep under my legs when I’m chilling out on the couch. She’s under my legs and Ruby is either on my lap or up on my shoulder. To be completely honest, it can get a little annoying sometimes but it too bad.

Anyway, Ruby once again fell asleep on my lap while I was writing tonight. Once again it was totally adorable and I wanted to share a picture. Is she not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen…. ☺

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